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Newness Of Life Rules/Structure

(Complete Program Manual Available In PDF Attachment At The Bottom)

Newness of Life offers:

Around the clock access to certified Peer Support specialist. 

Minimum biweekly random lab urinalysis screening

IOS groups via Telehealth 

Primary care physicians

Access to behavioral heath professionals

       No drinking or using drugs at anytime while within or outside of the home.  Failure to comply will result in immediate discharge for no less than 72 hours and will not be readmitted without a clean drug screen.

        No violent threats or intimidation. Failure to comply will result in immediate discharge with a review for possible re admission after a minimum of 6 months. 

       No violation of any laws. (federal, state, county or municipal)
       No refusing to participate in any housing programming offered by or in affiliation     
         with Newness Of Life

        All participants must be actively working a local 12 step program.

       All participants must acquire and use a sponsor (within first 15 days).      

       All participants must attend 90 meetings in 90 days. Participants that are required   
       to attend 90 meetings in 90 days may attend multiple meetings with prior approval from program director.



Additional Policies 
Overnight passes - After 30 days residents may receive 1 per calendar month (not more than 1 night).

After 90 days residents may receive 2 per calender month (not more than 2 nights)

After 180 days residents may receive regular weekend passes overnight (not more than 2 nights)
    To receive overnight passes residents must be current on their Program Fees and give advance notice to the Executive Director. 


Curfew 1-30 days is 9pm

31-180 days 11pm

181 days-Graduation 12am


Level 1 is designed to protect our newest residents and focus on program structure and responsibilities.

Not to exceed 30 days dependent upon resident program participation.  Residents are not permitted to leave property without  the company of a senior house resident, unless Actively Seeking Employment, Mandatory Meetings or otherwise director approved.

-Attendance at weekly Group Notice/House Meeting on every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm is mandatory

-All residents must be up and out of bed with their daily chore completed (and bed made) by 9 am Monday-Friday and by noon Saturday-Sunday 

 Unemployed Level 1 Residents are to be Actively Seeking Employment Mon/Wed/Fri


10am-4pm & Tue/Thur 9am-4pm and are not permitted on property between Actively Seeking Employment hours except 30 mins for lunch bewteen 12pm-1pm 

**No Profanity**








Complete Program Manual

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