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Every Day... We Walk In Newness Of Life

Newness Of Life is a therapeutic, peer supported, accountability community designed to focus primarily on sobriety along with establishing a better quality of life.  We believe in nurturing men and women into a position to become productive members of the same society that we once negatively impacted.  Our goal within an 8-10 month period is to help our residents to establish the following:

~ Complete and consistent sobriety

~ Successfully applying a 12 step program with a sponsor

~ Obtain and maintain gainful employment

~ Knowledge and understanding of financial management and      responsibility

~ Establish healthy relationships with children and child support, if any

~ Restore healthy family relationships

~ Successful completion of any level of court ordered supervision, if any

We accept men and women from ALL walks of life:

~ Parole/Probation

~ Drug Court/Day Report

~ Home Confinement/GPS Monitoring

~ Homeless

~ Veterans

~ Employed/Unemployed

~ SSI/Disability Recipients

We believe that the drugs and alcohol are but a symptom and the underlying issue is a poor and negative way of thinking that reflects in our views and opinions of ourselves.  For years society has labeled us as everything and anything that reflects the exact opposite of the truth.  The truth is, we were predestined and designed for Greatness! We are meant to have Life and have it more abundantly! We become open and receptive to The Word of God and His Truth, rather than the opinions formed of us based on our past.  We walk in a Newness Of Life!

We want to empower residents and position them to invest in themselves and their newly found way of life, our own staff maintains employment in other fields to show by example the importance of investing in your future.  Newness Of Life is fully self supporting. We currently receive no funding outside of resident fees, family sponsorship, and occasional donations.

Call Us:


2210 9th Avenue

Huntington, WV  25703

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